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X-Carve Spare Parts Kit

X-Carve Spare Parts Kit

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30611-03 Extension Cable Only
26053-04 GT2 Belting – Open Ended 9mm
30557-02 Microswitch
25203-01 Dual Bearing V-Wheels
25281-02 Pre-Assembly T-Slot Nuts M5
26016-03 Post-Assembly T-Slot Nuts M5
30901-02 Post Assembly T-Slot Nuts (twist lock) M5
25286-34 M5 x 8mm Button Head Cap Screw
25286-37 M5 x 10mm Button Head Cap Screw
25286-55 M5 x 12mm Button Head Cap Screw
30681-01 Drag Chain Support Arm
25312-25 Aluminum Spacers
30872-01 Upgrade Dust Shoe Knobs
30741-01 Dust Control System Spindle Insert Plate
30889-01 Makita Replacement Brush

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