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The Inventables Team

Andrew 300dpi
Andrew DeCanniere Director of Product Experience
Courtney c edited
Courtney Combs Head of Talent
Web2dsc 4323
Dantrell Goldsmith Receiving Manager
David inventables
David Altenburg Principal Software Engineer - Manager
Img 5256.
Emily Michel Marketing Project Manager
Img 4729
Giovanna Diaz Fabiani Senior Customer Success Technical Support Specialist
Gordan2 %281%29
Gordan Berberijan Warehouse Manager
Img 4413
Henry Phu Software Engineer II
About us initials
Ismail Kalimi Senior Software Engineer
Jack 31
Jack Renzo Production Manager
Img 4429
Jamal Edwards Production Specialist
Jeff Talbot CTO
Jim Rodovich Lead Software Engineer - Manager
Jimmie %281%29
Jimmie Maddox Production Specialist
John Hayes Senior Customer Success Technical Support Specialist
John McWhirter Senior Purchasing Specialist
Jonathan r edited %282%29
Jonathan Ramos Inventory Control Specialist
Jules %281%29
Jules Woodard Senior Employee Relations Manager
Img 0923.small
Julie Bryant Senior Customer Success Technical Support Specialist
About us initials %283%29
Junior Ruiz Customer Success Sales Support Specialist
Kacper d edited %282%29
Kacper Marcisz Software Architect
About us initials
Kishore Boyalakuntla VP of Product
Img 5241
Lauren Bowser Product Manager - eCommerce
About us initials %282%29
Mark Hilkert Software Engineer I
Img 5252
Michael Clark Production Specialist
Img 4407
Neil Pankey Software Architect
Paul %281%29
Paul Stolz Sales Support Manager
Img 5120 2
Pavan Bapu Director of Growth Marketing
Phil Lomac Director of Customer Success & Operations
Img 0973   edit   white background   300dpi.
Rachel Fryan Software Engineer II
Img 5106 3
Stephanie Smith Purchasing Manager
Img 4703 2
Sumanth Shekar Mechanical Engineer II
Img 4441
Terrell Caldwell Production Specialist
Img 4660
Thomas Lee Software Engineer II
Zach Kaplan CEO

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