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Replacement Z-Probe Barrel Connector Cable

Replacement Z-Probe Barrel Connector Cable

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The X-Carve Z-Probe is a detachable component that simplifies finding your z-axis work zero position when setting up a carve. This kit includes a precision touch disc and a spindle clip to create an electrical connection when the bit touches the disc. It is fully integrated with X-Controller and Easel. No soldering is required.

Z-Probe Kit Includes:
• Copper touch disc
• Clamp with cable assembly
• Z-Probe Extension Cable (Sold individually as Replacement Z-Probe Barrel Connector Cable)


The Z-Probe cable length is designed to be used with the current 1000mm X-Carve Drag Chain Kit. It is not a direct replacement for the X-Carve Pro.

In order to use the Z-Probe with the 2015 version of the X-Carve you will need to upgrade to the latest version of the drag chain kit, as the cable length is too short for the number of drag chain links included in the 2015 version:

X-Carve Drag Chain Kit

Technical Specs

  • Inner Diameter: 68.75 mm
  • Technical Drawing:
  • 3D Model: "(btn btn-mini) GrabCAD Model":