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Speedball brand linoleum is a perfect material for making your own stamps using a 3D carving machine like Carvey or X-Carve.

The mounted blocks are a simple way to get started with stamp-making. The linoleum is attached to a thick piece of MDF, making it easy to carve out a design quickly and start stamping immediately. The unmounted sheets give you a little more flexibility, allowing you to create a stamp of any shape and to choose whether you want to mount it or give it a custom handle.

The linoleum thickness on both varieties is ~1/8". The MDF block on the mounted varieties is ~3/4" thick.

Check out our selection of ink pads – we have different inks that are perfect for stamping on paper, wood or fabric (they become permanent when heat set and can even be machine washed).

Technical Specs

  • Linoleum thickness: ~1/8 in
  • MDF thickness (mounted varieties only): ~3/4"