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Baltic Birch Plywood

Baltic Birch Plywood

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Baltic Birch Plywood is a functional grade material composed of birch wood from the baltic region.

These are AB (1/2" thickness) & BB (3/4" thickness) Sheets (High Quality):
All large knots are replaced with football-shaped patches, which can be sanded and finished with the rest of the panel. Also, any gaps or voids along the edges of the panel are usually filled and smoothed off with wood putty. With the A & B grades, the number of repaired patches and voids on any given sheet will be low.

This is cabinet grade plywood guaranteed in great condition on one side; the back side may have defects.

The thicknesses listed are nominal, the actual thicknesses are metric.

Nominal: Actual:
1/8 in 3 mm
1/4 in 6 mm
3/8 in 9 mm
1/2 in 12 mm
3/4 in 18 mm

Please note: Our team is in the process of sourcing our next batch of inventory from a supplier that carries Baltic Birch Plywood that was manufactured outside of Russia.

Technical Specs

  • Cut Tolerance: +/- 0.5 in
  • Species: Baltic Birch
  • Type: Plywood
  • Wood Type: Plywood