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Machinable Wax

Used for high-speed machining and has low wear on cutting tools

Machinable Wax
  • Machinable Wax
Price Part Number Dimensions
$63.85 3 in × 6 in × 6 in

Product Details

This is an extremely hard synthetic wax that machines faster than polyurethane and epoxy tooling boards or metals without sacrificing quality of finish, surface detail, or dimensional accuracy. It is used to produce accurate molds and prototypes and is recyclable and reusable, non-abrasive, non-toxic, self-lubricating and able to be glued. Liquid tooling plastics, including epoxy, urethane, and silicone rubber may be poured into machinable wax without requiring the use of sealers or release agents. This version of machinable wax can be worked by hand, holds good detail, and has good filing qualities.

Technical Data

Color (visual)


Specific Gravity


Hardness (Shore D)


Softening Point

226° F

Flash Point

575° F

Volumetric Shrinkage @ Room Temp.


Coefficient of Thermal Expansion (in/in/°F)

9.5 × 10 -6


What are the machining parameters for this material?

Roughing – Spindle Speed: 3,000 RPM
Feed Rate: 100 in. per minute

Finishing – Spindle Speed: 8,000-10,000 RPM
Feed Rate 40-100 in. per minute

Data obtained using a 1/2” ball end mill