Digital Calipers

Measures short distances accurately and efficiently

Digital Calipers
  • Digital Calipers
  • Digital Calipers
Price Part Number Description
$22.99 Easily measure the exact thickness of your material

Product Details


  • Accuracy 0.001in (0.02mm)
  • When powered on, the display will always show the current exact measurement
  • No limit for moving speed
  • Zero setting at any position,convenient for relative and absolute measurement
  • mm/inch conversion at any position
  • Measurement range from 1 – 150mm (6 inches)
  • Auto power on (move caliper slider), auto power off (5min after using)
  • Low power consumption with long life battery (≥2.5 years)
  • Easy slide action for smooth movement
  • Comes with padded blow molded case and an extra battery

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