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Bonnie Pang

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Bonnie Pang

General Information

Dr. Who inspired TARDIS made from MDF and acrylic. It also functions as a photo box with a 3.75 inch wide slot on each side of the box for easy insertion of Instax photos. Perfect for any geek’s dream wedding.

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Material Description Price
Black Acrylic Sheet

Black Acrylic Sheet

Dimensions: 8 in × 12 in, Thickness: 1/8 in


Clear Acrylic Sheet

Clear Acrylic Sheet

Dimensions: 8 in × 12 in, Type: Extruded, Thickness: 1/8 in, Backing: Plastic


MDF Wood

MDF Wood (×8)

Dimensions: 12 in × 12 in, Thickness: 1/8 in


from Inventables

Neat project! Are you planning to release the files/easel project to that individuals can mill this out themselves? I see the Etsy shop is not currently available, so it would be nice to have options to make this available to users that have the tools necessary to complete the build.