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Eccentric Spacer

Eccentric Spacer

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This is a spacer that has an off center (Eccentric) 5mm hole drilled through it. It is used to tension V wheels against MakerSlide material. You mount this in a 7.14mm (0.281 dia.) hole. When you rotate it, it will move a V wheel mounted to it, allowing you to adjust the tension against the Makerslide rail. Depending on your application, there are 4 different eccentrics to choose from.

Standard: This is the original eccentric spacer that is the standard on many open source projects.

Low Profile/Wide Head: A low profile spacer moves the carriage closer to the MakerSlide rail. This allows for a more compact design and can increase rigidity by placing the load closer to the support structure. There will be less space between the carriage and extrusion for belts and lead screws. This part also has features to allow it to work better with 3D printed and laser cut carriages. The wider head and longer boss makes the part less likely to dig in or bend in softer materials.

Extended Boss/Wide Head: This part is the same height as the standard spacer, but incorporates the larger head and longer boss that allows it to work better with softer materials, like 3D printed and laser cut carriages.

Position Markers: Parts 25195-07 and 25195-08 have circular markings on the spacer body which coincide with the narrowest part of the spacer for easy adjustment.

Technical Specs

  • Hole Size: 5mm
  • Mount hole : 7.14mm
  • Weight: 4.54 grams
  • Material: Stainless Steel (Type 303)
  • Type: Eccentric Spacer