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Trivet - Wave

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Fernando Romero

Project by

Fernando Romero
Houston, USA

General Information

A maple trivet with a sinusoidal vawe pattern milled on the top surface.

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Material Description Price
Hard Maple

Hard Maple

6" × 12" × 3/4" Hard Maple

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png file to create path




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from Inventables


Material Preparation

60 minutes

Purchased 4/4 hard maple.
The board width I selected was approximately 9 inches.

I purchased unfinished wood that required some planing in order to smooth and level.


Easel Program

25 minutes

Using the attached PNG create the wave pattern.

Export the G-code and visualize it on Camotics since the cutting tool is a 3/4" ball end mill. (Freud 18-112 3/4 in. Round Nose Router Bit)



5 minutes

Mill the wave pattern.

Change tool to a regular mill and cut circular patterns.



Sand and finish the final product

Paul Kaplan
Nice! I love the look with the ball end mill. I've gotta try this.
Paul Kaplan
Andy Preston
It says the project hasn't been shared publicly
Andy Preston
Chris Beckman
What settings were used when using the ball nose bit?
Chris Beckman
Fernando Romero
Chris, I used a 3/4" diameter round bit with a cut depth of 1/4". Since the milling pattern is an area, it creates that "wave" effect.
Fernando Romero
Chris Beckman
What I meant was did you tell the machine that it was actually an 1/8" bit instead of 3/4"? and if so what were your feed settings etc?
Chris Beckman
Fernando Romero
I left the tool setting at 1/8" bit.
Fernando Romero
Tamara Sedlack
This is great thank you for sharing !
Tamara Sedlack