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To The Moon & Back

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Michael Fischer

Project by

Michael Fischer
Chicago, United States of America

General Information

Carved using mirrored gold acrylic—this is my largest lock-up, yet. This simple moon-inspired saying is set using Din Bold Condensed, an ampersand, and a barely designed left-alignment.

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Material Description Price
Gold Mirrored Acrylic Sheet

Gold Mirrored Acrylic Sheet (×4)

Dimensions: 12 in × 24 in, Thickness: 1/8 in


Solid Carbide Upcut Fish Tail Spiral Bits

Solid Carbide Upcut Fish Tail Spiral Bits (×2)

1/8" Upcut Fish Tail Carving Bit


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Rens Wegerif
Hi Michael, Is there a reason the 'B' isn't flipped in the design? I guess you flipped everything to prevent chiseling at the edges, right?
Rens Wegerif