Remake of "DIRESTA Wood Stool "

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Adam Norris

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Adam Norris
Howell, MI

General Information

I modified my design for my one-year old son. Using 1×12″ pine board I was able to fit three stools onto one 10 foot board.

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20 minutes

I imported a hand drawn image into Inkscape and then turned that into a usable .svg for Easel.


Cut Stool Top

10 minutes

Cut the stool top out first. I started with my design using a 1/8" bit and then flipped it over and used a 1/4" for the rest of the cuts. I marked the center of each side and used the origin in Easel for the home position.


Cut out Legs

17 minutes

Cut the legs out two at a time. I had to go back and modify the center cuts slightly so they were oversized enough for a snug but easy fit.


Finish & Assemble

10 minutes

I used a router table to round all edges. Then used several coats of a lighter stain. Assemble, glue up and enjoy!

Bob Canning
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Bob Canning