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Life Bearer

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Pedro Favaretto Martins

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Pedro Favaretto Martins
Porto, Portugal

General Information

A daily life-bearer, for a backpack, cap, jacket, smartphone, keys, all in one place. Grab and go, be organized and ready to go outside, see you later!

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Material Description Price
Baltic Birch Plywood

Baltic Birch Plywood

12" × 24" × 3/8" Baltic Birch Plywood


Gorilla Wood Glue

Gorilla Wood Glue

Gorilla Wood Glue - 4 oz



6" × 12" × 1/16" Walnut


This project's Bill of Materials is not complete.

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svg file for carving


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3d model


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For this project I chose 12" × 24" × 3/8" Baltic Birch Plywood for the most part of the design and 6" × 12" × 1/16" Walnut for the screwing structure in the back. You will also need wood glue and 2 ø5mm screws.



46 minutes

There are two different settings in this project, one for the birch plywood and one for the little structures in walnut. First cut takes about 45 minutes and the second takes no more than 1 minute. No further instructions needed.



10 minutes

Check if all parts are well carved and sanded before assembly. You should have a board with 7 carved rectangles, a shelf, 5 “C” hooks, 2 "L"hooks, 2 frame profiles and 2 walnut structures for wall mounting. Glue together the walnut structures in the circular void in each frame, after that frames can be glued together in the back of the board. Let them dry. At this point it can be already installed on the wall with 2 ø5mm screws. After that, all of the hooks can be placed by pushing them into place and then forcing down gently to join everything together (“C” hooks go on the lower row and the “L” hooks go on the upper one). Assemble the shelf carefully in the upper “L” hooks. Done!