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Tim Belcher

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Tim Belcher

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Well, we bought a big x-carve… lets make a big stool. This version is a 29.5 inch tall bar stool. It uses almost the entire 31 × 31 inch space of the large x-carve. I also am including the g-code for a DIRESTA vcarve, removing any need to fix the A.

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This is designed for 3/4 inch stock, and includes a gcode file for the DIRESTA logo using a v-carve, therefore you will not need to fix the A. (It also looks a lot better).

Be careful with this, as a large portion of the sheet is used. I increased the tab height to .2 inches, given so much of the sheet could come loose. I start with an oversized 32 × 32 inch sheet and use double sided tape. I then move my X and Y as close to the bottom left as I can. This entire design will fit into a 30×30 however.