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English Solitaire

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Mitch Peacock

Project by

Mitch Peacock

General Information

Take a 110×110×12.7mm piece of hardwood, and carve out this classic brain teaser. You’ll need to get hold of 32 5mm pegs (I used shelf support pins). Watch the video https://youtu.be/_33OYFRMSYA

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Red Oak

Red Oak

6" × 12" × 1/2" Red Oak


from Inventables


Set Material and Zero Cutter

3 minutes

Set your piece of oak square on the waste board, and clamp each edge (don’t set clamps more than 1/8" in from the edges)
Zero the cutter 3/16" in from bottom and left hand side


Carve the Playing Board

30 minutes

Attach dust extraction if fitted
Load easel file ( http://easel.inventables.com/projects/G47sa1ShkwuEEFJYdfXqmA )
Run the carve (setting the Z-zero position to the surface of the oak)
Have a coffee


Finish Off Board

15 minutes

Saw off the carved playing board (the final shape is your choice)
Plane of sand the surfaces smooth
Apply a coat of your preferred finish (an acrylic lacquer is my choice for this project)



10 minutes

While the finish dries:
Search online, or visit a kitchen showroom, and order enough chromed shelf pins (5mm) to fill all the game holes (a few spares are a good idea too!)



2 minutes

Install all the pegs in the holes, leaving the central hole empty
Now play!
<b>>>>Spoiler Alert<<<</b>
You can find a solution to the puzzle here