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X-Carve 2015 to 2016 Update Kit

X-Carve 2015 to 2016 Update Kit

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Make your X-Carve stronger, smarter, and more reliable with this update kit. Backwards-compatible with all X-Carve machines shipped before September 2016.

The X-Carve update kit is available in both 500mm and 1000mm sizes.

Each kit contains:

The stepper motor cable is included in case you would like to take advantage of the X-Controller’s extra stepper driver. That part of the update process is a “nice to have” option, not a necessity. If you don’t need to use the extra driver, just ignore the stepper motor cable. More information about rewiring the machine to use all four stepper drivers is available at the X-Controller Usage Instructions under “Option 2.”

NOTE: A 500mm machine cannot be updated to a 1000mm machine without additional parts.

Technical Specs