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DeWalt 611 Precision Grade Collet

DeWalt 611 Precision Grade Collet

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Note: This collet is not compatible with the standard DeWalt collet nut, it requires a Precision Collet Nut.

This precision grade collet is great for making the most accurate cuts. The low runout potentially improves cut quality, tool life, and noise. Perfect for small-diameter solid carbide tools which can easily break due to excessive runout.

When using the collet, make sure it snaps into the collet nut before securing it to the spindle. If not done properly, this can cause the collet to get stuck in the router as the extractor ring can’t function. More information regarding installation can be found in the Instructions file under the Files & Attachments section.

Technical Specs

  • Material: Steel
  • Total Indicated Runout (TIR): <0.0004 in
  • Hardness (HRC): 45-52
  • Surface Roughness (Ra): 0.5 μm
  • Compatible Routers: DeWalt 611, 26200