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Carving Material Starter Kit

Carving Material Starter Kit

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Pair this with our Carving Bit Starter Set and get carving!

This pack contains:

  • Birch plywood – 8 in x 12 in x 3/4 in
  • MDF – 8 in x 12 in x 1/2 in
  • Yellow Expanded PVC – 8 in x 12 in x 1/8 in
  • Black Expanded PVC – 8 in x 12 in x 1/4 in
  • White ABS – 8 in x 12 in x 1/8 in

Whether you’re new to 3D carving, or just looking to fine-tune your skills, it’s always helpful to have material around for practice. This pack contains 5 sheets for testing out new techniques and designs. Each material has default settings in Easel, making it easy to try something new.

For specific projects to try with these materials, check out our Easel classes. Each class has a detailed video to walk you through the process.

For general tutorials and tips on using Easel, please visit our Support Center. You can learn about designing with the pen tool, tracing an image, using tabs and more. These practice sheets are perfect for mastering your carving skills.

Technical Specs

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