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1000mm X-Carve Modular Waste Board Kit

1000mm X-Carve Modular Waste Board Kit

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The new X-Carve Modular Waste Board Kit provides the best of both worlds when it comes to holding down carving material. Benefits include:

Integrated T-Slot tracks allow for countless clamp and hold-down options that have a 5/16" screw diameter (t-slot) or 5mm screws (MDF).

The new hole pattern provides minimum clamp-to-part distance, meaning you will have more clamping locations closer to the material for any part size.

The MDF wasteboard slats are able to be resurfaced front to back, taking advantage of the X-Carve’s high precision while still optimizing for tiling large pieces. In addition, wasteboard slats can be replaced one at a time as needed instead of purchasing the whole wasteboard for a single high-use area.

Rockler sells good t-slot clamps here

SKU# 30886-03

Note: this upgrade is only compatible with 1000mm machines

Technical Specs

  • Compatibile Machine: Any 1000 mm X-Carve
  • Installation Instructions: "Available Here":
  • Modular Board Section - Easel File: "Available Here":