Technical Specs

Work Area
500mm rails:
X-axis: 250mm
Y-axis: 250mm
Z-axis: 65mm
750mm rails:
X-axis: 500mm
Y-axis: 500mm
Z-axis: 65mm
1000mm rails:
X-axis: 750mm
Y-axis: 750mm
Z-axis: 65mm
A properly tuned and calibrated machine should get to a resolution of ~0.075mm to 0.13mm.
X-Controller with Grbl Installed (USB)
Input voltage: 115VAC or 230VAC (selectable)
Spindle (DeWalt 611)
Amps: 7.0Amps
Horsepower: 1-1/4HP
No load speed: 16,000-27,000rpm
Rapid rate
Recommended defaults:
X-axis: 8000 mm/min
Y-axis: 8000 mm/min
Z-axis: 500 mm/min