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Carve the way you want

Your needs are unique — your machine should be too.
Customize your machine from the ground up,
with all the parts you want, and none you don't.

Easy to Assemble

We've crafted the instructions with care. They're easy to follow with pictures and video at every step.

Fully Open Source

The X-Carve design is open source. Share or modify it for any purpose, even commercially. Hardware innovation comes from openness.

Upgrade Friendly

Easily upgrade from Shapeoko 2 and get all the benefits of X-Carve.

What will you carve?


Configure your X-Carve

Shapeoko 2 Upgrade

Starting at $200

Already have a Shapeoko 2? Turn it into an X-Carve. This will get you started with everything you need to upgrade your Shapeoko 2.

Basic Kit

Starting at $799

This is a standard kit with all the essentials for a working machine. You can upgrade components on the following page.

Fully Loaded

Starting at $1,278

Know you want it big? Get the large machine, fully loaded with Nema23 steppers, ACME Z-axis lead screw and all the other upgrades.