Samantha Alaimo

Samantha Alaimo

Chicago, IL

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  • 1384217299_cc07

    Colony Coaster

    A tessellating of 6 coasters that can also transform into a trivet or center...

  • 1384217343_antlerhook03

    Buck Hook

    Inspired by mounted antlers, The Buck Hook is heat bent acrylic to hold keys,...

  • 1384217584_img_9355

    Bamboo Desk Organizer

    The Bamboo Desk Set consists of six pieces that give you the freedom to...

  • 1384217740_clock2

    Dodecagon Bamboo Clock

    This simple and beautiful form makes the perfect addition to any home or...

  • 1384217644_speech_bubble_03

    Speak Your Mind

    Speak Your Mind allows you to always tell passerby's your thoughts with out...

  • 1384217524_bamboo%20board-4

    Artist Palette Cutting Board

    The Artist Palette Cutting Board makes the perfect surface to slice and serve...

  • 1384217711_mirror_visual02

    Porthole Mirror Trio

    These mirrors are simple and elegant, suitable for any decor. Choose to make...

  • 1384217836_iphone%20stand%201%20context

    Wooden Phone Dock

    The Wooden Phone dock is perfect to prop up your phone at your desk or by...

  • 1384217856_knives%20context%202

    Rustic Knife Rack

    Make a custom knife rack in minutes! The Rustic Knife Rack requires no...

  • 1384217958_1216c53b58_b

    Classic Chess Set

    Choose what kind of material and colors to make your classic chess board and...

  • 1384218681_93b1f99b0a_o

    3D Printed Motorized Car

    3D print your own car and get it to move with littleBits! Hack, fork, and new...

  • 1384218724_rastvect-keychain

    Raster Vector Keychain

    This is a great project for first time laser cutters! Learn and see the...

  • 1384219648_131004_inventables_loop_02a


    Named The LOOP, a common reference to anyone familiar with Chicago, the...