X-Controller Kit

A high-power motion controller kit for your 3D carving machine.

X-Controller Kit
  • X-Controller Kit
  • X-Controller Kit
  • X-Controller Kit
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$329.00 3D Carving Motion Controller

Product Details

The X-Controller is a high power 3D carving motion controller kit that has everything, including power supply, integrated into a single chassis. This has about 3-4 times more usable motor power than entry-level controllers like the gShield. All connections are done with large, removable terminal blocks. Machine wiring is very clean. No soldering or crimping is required.

Note: While the X-Controller has separate drivers for 4 stepper motors, the X-Controller is not 4-Axis because it runs Grbl only. Grbl is only a 3 axis controller.


  • Built in Grbl 3D carving controller. No external controller like Mach 3/4 is required.
  • 3 axis design
  • (4) 4A stepper drivers (Y axis has 2 ganged drivers for X-Carve-type machines)
  • Microstepping (Full through 1/16th)
  • Easy current adjustment via large, well-marked potentiometers
  • Automatic idle current reduction independent for each axis
  • Internal 24V 400W power supply for stepper motors
  • Large internal heatsink and integrated cooling fan keeps system cool at all power loads
  • Spindle speed control (0-5VDC PWM or 0-10V)
  • Noise-filtered inputs for 3 axis home/limit switches
  • Noise-filtered input for Z probe/touch plate
  • 2 digital outputs to control external items like vacuums and coolant systems
  • All inputs and outputs have their own ground terminals for clean and easy wiring.
  • Labeled connections
  • Rugged latching E-Stop that kills all power
  • Feedhold, Cycle Start and Reset (Motion Cancel) buttons on front side
  • All electrical interfaces use large, detachable terminal blocks
  • USB connection
  • Heavy aluminum chassis with mounting holes

Operating Environment:

  • Temperature: 0-40C
  • Humidity: 0-90% (non-condensing)

Mechanical Outline Drawing

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Do I need to purchase a power supply?

No! The power supply 24V 400W power supply is included in this controller kit.

What stepper motors can be used?

The X-Controller can supply up to 4 amps per motor. You can safely use all of that power without over heating. Like a gShield, you can run bigger motors, but the current is still limited to the max of 4 amps. We recommend using Nema 17 or 23 motors.

Can it be mounted upside down or vertically?

It can be mounted either way and even used in the southern hemisphere ;)

What software can I use with it?

The X-Controller uses pure unadulterated Grbl, so any CAM program that exports standard gcode can be used. Easel will connect directly to the X-controller. You can design natively or import SVG files, images, or G-code into Easel.

Is this controller more accurate the the gShield?

The X-Controller has higher resolution control of the motors, but a lot of other factors in the machine determine if you will ever actually see that in accuracy.

Do I need anything else to hook this up to my X-Carve?

To take full advantage of the X-Controller’s 4th stepper driver, you will need an additional length of stepper motor cable. We recommend 10ft to be on the safe side, however this can vary depending on which size machine was purchased. There is an alternative way of wiring the machine using no additional stepper motor cable, and this is detailed in the usage instructions.