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All the necessary hardware to complete your machine.

Machine Size

Rails are the foundation of your X-Carve's functionality and work area. Consider your projects and available space when selecting your size.


The DeWalt 611 is a powerful compact router. Complete with a built-in speed controller, this plug-and-play router is our top spindle choice. You can use both 1/4" and 1/8" shank diameter bits with both the 110v and 240v routers.

Motion Controller

The X-Controller is a robust 3D carving motion controller kit. Everything you need to run your machine, including the power supply, is integrated into a single chassis. All connections are done with large, removable terminal blocks. Assembly is required, but does not include soldering or crimping.

Stepper Motors

These motors run the three axes on your machine. The pulleys come attached, and snap-in wiring makes it easy to set up your machine.

Waste Board

The waste board comes with a silkscreened grid design and conveniently spaced holes with M5 threaded inserts, for easy clamping of your work piece.

Side Board

A tidy solution for securing your electronics.

Drag Chain

This plastic chain is designed to organize and protect your wiring as the machine moves. The chain is comprised of individual links that swivel in one direction. An open-close feature running the length of the chain makes organizing and accessing wires easier than ever.

Homing Switches

Using this set of three switches, you can home to the same starting point every time. The kit comes with enough wire for your X-Carve size.


Quickly and reliably find the material surface electronically.


These will help you get carving with your X-Carve!

Inventables Software

Inventables offers two web-based software tools that work with Carvey and X-Carve. Easel and Easel Pro simplify the design process, allowing you to design, import, and carve from a single program. Compatible with both Mac and Windows computers.

Additional Software

Easel, our free web-based software, is all you need to use your X-Carve. However, if you want to make advanced 3D designs, Vectric software works well in conjunction with Easel.

Carving Bits

Carving bits have different qualities for various applications. It’s important to select the right bit for your project. (Note: there may be some overlap in the bits included in these packs; click here for more details)


Not sure where to start? We offer premium materials that are perfect for getting acquainted with your X-Carve.