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X-Carve Homing Switch Kit

Hardware to update 2015 X-Carve to 2016 homing switches

X-Carve Homing Switch Kit
Price Part Number Machine Size
$25.00 750mm
$25.00 1000mm

Product Details

This set of three switches (one for each axis) allow you to home your X-Carve to the same starting point every time. Homing switches are especially helpful if you’re using jigs or carving repetitive project types. The kit comes with enough wire for your X-Carve. No soldering required.

• Three (3) homing switches
• Three (3) cable assemblies
• Mounting hardware


The 2015 X-Carve Drag Chain kit will not work with this upgrade, as the homing switch cable lengths are too short for the number of drag chain links included in the 2015 version. In order to use this homing switch upgrade kit, you will need to upgrade to the latest version of the drag chain kit as well:

X-Carve Drag Chain Kit

Technical Data

Step 1 (1000mm):

500mm assembly instructions

Step 1 (750mm):

750mm assembly instructions

Step 1 (500mm):

1000mm assembly instructions

Step 2 (all sizes):


Step 3 (all sizes):


Step 4 (all sizes):


Step 5 (all sizes):

Wiring sections.

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