X-Carve Homing Switch Kit

Hardware to update 2015 X-Carve to 2016 homing switches

X-Carve Homing Switch Kit
Price Part Number Machine Size
$25.00 500mm
$25.00 750mm
$25.00 1000mm

Product Details

Using this set of three switches, you can home to the same starting point every time. The kit comes with enough wire for your X-Carve size.

Click here for 500mm assembly instructions

Click here for 750mm assembly instructions

Click here for 1000mm assembly instructions

The above links take you to the section of the X-Carve instructions in which the homing switch components are first mentioned, attaching to the side plates. Subsequent homing switch installation steps are found in the X-Carriage, Z-Axis, Rails and Wiring sections.

Technical Data


3 homing switches, 3 cable assemblies + mounting hardware

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