X-Carve Dust Control System

Keeps your X-Carve work area clean

X-Carve Dust Control System
  • X-Carve Dust Control System
  • X-Carve Dust Control System
  • X-Carve Dust Control System
  • X-Carve Dust Control System
Price Part Number Machine Size
$189.00 500mm, 750mm
$199.00 1000mm

Product Details

We have limited supply of this product.

The X-Carve Dust Control System is designed to collect dust as the machine carves your work piece. It features a dust shoe that attaches to the X axis carriage. A grounded hose connects to the dust shoe and routes the work dust into your vacuum or dust collector.


  • Dust shoe
  • Grounded hose
  • Pole to keep hose in place

Product’s features:

  • Assembles onto the X-Carve with minimal disassembly.
  • Detaches in seconds without any tools.
  • Easily adjustable height setting for any material thickness.
  • Includes a grounded hose and routing system for clean hose management. Grounding is important because it dissipates static electricity that, in certain situations, can ignite combustible materials moving in or out of vacuums.
  • The hose is long enough that you don’t need an additional hose, and its universal fitting is compatible with most shop vacuums.

30740-01 will work for both 500mm and 750mm X-Carves.

Only compatible with the X-Carve DeWalt 611 Spindle Mount.
Vacuum not included.

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Technical Data

Replacement Parts

Brush and shoe insert

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What kind of vacuum or dust collector should I use with the dust shoe system?

Ideally, you want a system with a 2.25” tapered fitting. This is standard on most vacuums, including Shopvac & Fein. You can reference this drawing of the hose to make sure it works with your system.

We have tested the smallest Shopvac with good success, but it is nice to have a bigger one because you will fill a small one quickly.

Do you have a vacuum recommendation to use with this system?

We don’t have a specific brand that we recommend, but most people prefer quieter vacuums. The Shopvac brand is pretty quiet and the Fein is very quiet (as far as vacuums go).

The system is designed for easy disconnection, so you may want to consider other shop vacuum needs you may have in your workspace. You can disconnect the vacuum from the system to use it elsewhere.

Will this work with a ShapeOko 2?

No. We recommend upgrading your ShapeOko 2 with the core X-Carve 2015 components. At the very least, you will need to configure your machine with a modern extruded X-Carriage extrusion.

Will this work with an X-Carve 2015 model?


Can I buy a longer hose?

Yes, but unfortunately, we do not sell extra hose lengths in the Inventables store. Most home centers (Home Depot, Ace, Lowe’s, etc.) will sell hoses that are the same size as what you’ll find in the kit. However, we do not have any documentation about joining hoses together.

We were generous with the hose length in your kit. Even for the 1000mm machine, there is enough extra hose for you to adequately maneuver the system.

Where can I see a list of everything that comes in the dust shoe kit?

You can see the full Bill of Materials in the instructions .

Where are the source files for this awesome open source project?

We’re so glad you asked! Click here for the GrabCAD drawings.

Will this system work with any spindle I have set up on my X-Carve?

Unfortunately, our Dust Control System is specifically designed to work with the DeWalt 611 router we sell with our machine. The system will work with both the 110v (US version) and 220v (European version) of the DeWalt 611 router.