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X-Carve Drag Chain Kit

Parts to upgrade X-Carve to 2016 drag chain

X-Carve Drag Chain Kit
Price Part Number Desciption Machine Size
$49.00 2 drag chains + supports and mounting hardware 750mm
$59.00 2 drag chains + supports and mounting hardware 1000mm

Product Details

This plastic chain is designed to organize and protect your wiring as X-Carve moves. The chain is comprised of individual links that swivel in one direction. Individual links can be open and closed, making wire organize and access easy—even after your X-Carve is assembled.

• Two (2) drag chains (one for Y-axis, one for X-axis)
• Support extrusions
• Mounting and assembly hardware


2015 X-Carve Gantry Side Plates and X-Carriage will not work with
this upgrade, as they are missing the hole pattern to attach the drag chain
brackets. In order to use this upgrade kit, you will need to upgrade to the following versions of these items:

-Gantry Side Plates
-X Carriage

Note: the latest version of the X Carriage also lacks the mounting holes for the terminal blocks as the latest version of the X-Carve includes connectorized motors. You’ll need to find an alternative way to wire the stepper motors or attach the terminal blocks.

Technical Data

Step 1 (1000mm):

1000mm assembly instructions

Step 1 (750mm):

750mm assembly instructions

Step 1 (500mm):

500mm assembly instructions

Step 2 (all sizes):


Step 3 (all sizes):

Assemble Gantry

Step 4 (all sizes):


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2015 X-Carve Drag Chain Information


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