Wood Finishing Kit

Sand and Oil Wood to a Professional Finish

Wood Finishing Kit
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$9.99 Sanding block, 16 oz bottle of food-safe wood oil and cotton application cloth

Product Details

This kit includes a 2-sided fine/medium, wet/dry sanding sponge, a 16 oz bottle of wood oil (food safe) and a cotton application cloth. When used on our plywoods and hardwoods, these simple tools take your finish from standard to gorgeous in a few easy steps:

  • Lightly sand the surface of the wood with the medium grit side of the sanding sponge
  • Switch to the fine side for an even smoother finish
  • Pour the mineral oil on the cloth and apply to the surface of the wood
  • Let the oil soak in
  • Reapply oil whenever you’d like to bring extra vibrancy to the wood finish

The oil included in this kit is white NF food grade mineral oil. This means it can be safely applied to objects that come in contact with food, such as a bamboo cutting board.