Wood Composite Filament Laywoo-D3

For use with 1.75 mm 3D printers

Wood Composite Filament Laywoo-D3
  • Wood Composite Filament Laywoo-D3
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Price Part Number Diameter Spool Weight Material 3D Printer Compatibility
$30.00 1.75 mm 0.25kg Wood Composite Experimental

Product Details

Laywoo-D3 is a 3D printer filament that is a mixture of 40% wood with a polymer binder. This material can be printed on most 3D printers that use ABS or PLA filament. The filament behaves similar to PLA and can be printed at temperature from 175C to 250C. The material color is affected by the temperature, so tree ring like affects can be simulated by adjusting the temperature during printing.

The material smells and behaves just like wood. Finished prints can be cut, sanded and painted like standard wood products.

This is an experimental material. You may need to experiment with speeds and temperatures to achieve the desired results. You should check with your printer manufacturer to see if they support experimental materials.

The material is sold in coils without a spool.

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