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VCarve Desktop

Professional software for CNC routing, sign making and engraving

VCarve Desktop
Price Part Number Description Version Media
$349.00 CAM Software 10 USB

Product Details

Vectric’s VCarve Desktop is a powerful but affordable CAD/CAM software for use with 3D carving machines like the X-Carve. While it doesn’t have all the functionality of VCarve Pro, it offers some of the same features at an appealing price point.

Please note that the work area in VCarve Desktop is 24″ × 24″. That does not cover the full bed size of the 1000mm X-Carve. It still works with this size machine if you are ok with the size limit. This software is NOT Mac-compatible.

Note: This software is a physical USB Stick. There is no download option available at the time of purchase. Once you register the license, the software can be downloaded from the Vectric website.

Features include:

  • 24″ × 24″ work area
  • Complete set of 2D design and layout tools
  • Layer control, guide lines, snap grid
  • Text editing + single line engraving fonts
  • File import – DWG, DXF, EPS, AI, PDF
  • Image file import – BMP, JPG, TIF, GIF
  • Vectorize images to create vectors for machining
  • Robust V-carving
  • Raised 3D prism machining
  • Auto-inlays with multiple options
  • 3D random texturing toolpath
  • 2D profiling with interactive tabs / bridges, lead and ramp options
  • Pocketing with optimization for 2 cutters
  • Drilling with option for peck drilling
  • Beveled letters
  • Custom molding and form cutters

Warranty: Customers receive free updates for 1 year from the date of purchasing. Customers must register their license with Vectric to receive free updates during this period.

Computer Requirements:

  • Operating system: Windows XP, Windows Vista & Windows 7, 8, 8.1 or 10 with 2Gb RAM
  • 2 Ghz multi Core CPU
  • 200 Mb disk space (program)
  • DVD drive required for Media DVD if purchased
  • 7.7 Gb additional disk space required if you wish to store the tutorials and clipart supplied, on your hard drive
  • 1024 × 768 graphics display
  • A PDF reader program (such as Adobe PDF Reader) is required to read the documentation

We have verified that VCarve Desktop works with both the 500mm and 1000mm X-Carve. If you would like to try the software with your machine before purchasing, we encourage you to download the Free Trial Version.

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