UP Mini 3D Printer

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UP Mini 3D Printer
  • UP Mini 3D Printer
  • UP Mini 3D Printer
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Product Details

LIMITED QUANTITIES AVAILABLE. Please call (312) 775-7009 for availability. You will be refunded if we oversell and cannot fulfill your order.

The Up! Mini 3D printer is a desktop printer that is as easy to use as a traditional inkjet. You simply plug it into your computer, install the included software, and start printing! This is not a kit, it’s a fully functional, pre-assembled 3D printer in a stylish black matte/glass case, with a fully enclosed build area. The printer is quiet, and looks quite nice as a desktop accessory with no ungainly wire wraps, and a clean professional exterior look.

There is no sacrifice on build quality with the UP! Mini, with its enclosed steel construction, double linear bearings on each axis and a temperature stabilizing build chamber.

Technical Data

Build Footprint

120 × 120 × 120mm

Build Platform

Enclosed to reduce warping

Print Speed

10-100cm^3 per hour

Layer Resolution

250 microns


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What software is the UP Mini compatible with?

The UP Mini requires the latest version of the UP Software.