Uneven surface sealing tape

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Uneven surface sealing tape
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Product Details

Uneven surface sealing tape is designed for difficult sealing applications. The backing on the tape is very tough yet flexible and resistant to abrasion. It can be used outdoors in situations where it will be required to adhere over the long term. The tape was designed to seal over joints or seams and can be painted after applied.

This tape replaces caulks or sealants in a easy to use single sided tape form that will bond to many metals and plastics without the drying time, dripping, oozing, or cleanup required with traditional sealants. The tape conforms over contours, edges, rivets and screw heads for a water tight seal. The tapes outer ionomer layer can be painted to blend in with adjoining surfaces.

Technical Data


51 lb/ft 3 (0.82 g/cm3 )

Tensile Strength

13.4 lbs/in tape width (23.5 N/cm tape width)

Elongation to Break


90 Degree Peel Adhesion

9.9 lb/in tape width (15.7 N/cm tape width)

Splice Break Strength

10 lb/1 in. × 2 in. tape (17.5 N/25 mm x 100 mm tape)

Max Temperature Tolerance

Short term (minutes, hours) 300°F (149°C) Long term (days, weeks) 200°F (93°C)

Slitting Tolerance

± 1/32" (0.8 mm)

Thickness Tolerance

± 0.008" (0.2 mm)

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Uneven Surface Sealing Tape spec sheet.pdf

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