TinyG CNC Controller

Advanced CNC Machine controller

TinyG CNC Controller
  • TinyG CNC Controller
  • TinyG CNC Controller
Price Part Number Type Version
$129.00 CNC Controller v8

Product Details

The TinyG is a hardware and firmware project that is a multiple-axis motion control system. It is designed for small CNC applications and other applications that require highly controllable motion control. TinyG is meant to be a complete embedded solution for small/medium motor control.

Note: This is a bleeding edge product, that requires a lot of customer setup and adjustments. Inventables can only provide limited support. Further support comes from this Google forum and this Synthetos forum. It uses the Chilipeppr controller to run it and that requires a strong internet connection.

  • Up to 6 axis (XYZ + ABC rotational axes) control with drivers for 4 axes on board.
  • Working Voltage: 12-30VDC (24 is Ideal)
  • Stepper drivers can deliver up to 2.5 amp per winding.
  • Selectable micro-stepping up to 1/8.
  • Acceleration planning performed using constant jerk motion equations (3rd order S curves) for very smooth and fast motion transitions for lines and arcs
  • Full, integrated motion control system with embedded microcontroller (Atmel ATxmega192) and 4 stepper motor drivers (TI DRV8818) integrated on a ~4 inch square board
  • Accepts Gcode from USB port and interprets it locally on the board
  • Easily upgraded by the user with a few commands through the USB port.
  • RoHS compliant.

TinyG is open source. The documentation can be found here.