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Tiger Maple (Flame Maple)

Beautiful, natural hardwood

Tiger Maple (Flame Maple)
Price Part Number Dimensions Thickness
$13.14 $7.18 6 in × 12 in 3/4 in
$7.00 $3.77 6 in × 12 in 1/16"

Product Details

Flame Maple (Tiger Maple), is a species of maple in which the growth of the wood fibers is distorted, producing wavy lines known as “flames”. This effect is called “figure”, as the distortion is perpendicular to the grain direction. Prized for its beautiful appearance, it is used frequently in the manufacturing of musical instruments, such as violins and bassoons, and fine furniture.

Tiger Maple is very workable with both hand tools and machinery, taking well to glues and finishing.

Technical Data


6 in × 12 in