Suction Cup Tape

Uses tiny micro suction cups instead of adhesive

Suction Cup Tape
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Price Part Number Color Dimensions Form Thickness
$15.99 White 210 mm × 297 mm Sheet 0.50 mm
$1,495.00 Black 1020 mm × 30 m Roll 0.50 mm
$1,391.00 White 1020 mm × 30 m Roll 0.50 mm
$1,495.00 Black 1020mm × 30 m Roll 0.30 mm
$1,144.00 Black 1020mm × 20 m Roll 0.80 mm
$1,079.00 White 1020 mm × 20 m Roll 0.80 mm

Product Details

Have you ever needed to adhere something to a surface without using a sticky adhesive? This tape bonds to smooth, flat, clean surfaces just like a suction cup. The surface of the tape has thousands of microscopic craters that work by creating many partial vacuums between the tape and the target surface. The tape is not pressure sensitive, can rebond repeatedly, and leaves no residue on the target surface. To remove, you simply pull the tape off or twist it to break the bond. Wiping the tape with wet tissue will remove debris from the craters and rejuvenate its suction properties. Once in place, a 4 in x 1 in piece of the tape is strong enough to hold a 1 lb flat piece of steel.

The reverse side of the sheet is covered in an acrylic adhesive. This side sticks more permanently to your base surface. For example, you could apply the adhesive side to a phone dock and hang your phone on the suction cup side. You would be able to remove the phone and rehang it over and over without leaving a residue on the surface.

Things to note:

-The roll sizes drop ship from the factory in Japan and generally ship within 10 business days of placing the order.

-This material can only be manufactured in black or white, and only in the thicknesses listed.

-This material can not be manufactured without the permanent adhesive backing.

-the material ships with a clear protective film on the suction cup side and a white paper liner on the permanent adhesive side

-the suction cup side works best on smooth, clean, dry, non porous surfaces

-we can quote on custom die cut parts. Please email help at with desired color (black or white), thickness, part shape and dimensions, desired quantity and where the order will be shipped

Technical Data

Absorption Force on Stainless Steel at 24 hrs usage

6.08N / 50mm

Absorption Force on Glass at 24 hrs usage

6.37N / 50mm
Repetitive Adsorption Force on Stainless Steel after 240 uses 2.74N / 50mm
Repetitive Adsorption Force on Glass after 240 uses 3.04N / 50mm

Material Type

Acrylic Foam

Adhesive Type

Acrylic Adhesive

Protective Film




Files & Attachments

Data sheet


Adhesive data

REGABOND-S Adhesive Side Data.pdf

White data sheet


Black data sheet



Durability Data Of REGABOND-S-1.pdf


Can it be double-sided?

No, the current product is only one-sided. The other side is general adhesion.

Can it be supplied with colors?

Only black and white are available at this time.

Are different strength suction cups available?

No, different strengths are not available currently.

Does the Micro-Suction Surface have real suction cups on it?

They are technically not suction cups but they work like suction cups. They look like the concave surface of the moon. If you took an open-cell foam and cut it in half, that’s how it would look—half bubbles going inward. On one side is microsuction; the other side is a permanent adhesive.

What sizes are the suction cups?

They are various sizes.

Does it work when it is wet?

It does not work when the surface is wet. If the foam absorbs the water, its suction power will be lost. It will revive after it dries.

Will it wear out?

After the first use it has a tendency to lose some of its bonding power, but overall bonding strength remains adequate after the first use. If the surface has become really dirty, you can clean it with adhesive tape and it will start working again.

After you stick it, how long until it falls off?

Users have seen products with microsuction surfaces stick on other surfaces for over a year.

Do you offer variations of thickness?

Regular thicknesses are: 0.5 mm and 0.8 mm (white color); 0.15 mm, 0.3 mm, 0.5 mm, and 0.8mm (black color).

What is the suction difference between thicknesses?

The sucking power is basically the same regardless of the thickness, but the thicker type feels stronger because of the flexibility of the foam. The thinner type is useful as the gasket for a narrow gap.