Stepper Motor Cable

4 conductor, 18 ga shielded wire.

Stepper Motor Cable
Price Part Number Length Category Type
$1.00 1 ft Accessory Cable

Product Details

Product is sold by the foot. When ordering, adjust the quantity in your cart to the length of cable you desire. Cable will be shipped in continuous length and can be easily cut down to size upon arrival.

Multiple conductor overall shielded
Cabled construction
PVC insulation
Overall PVC jacket

UL or C(UL)+ listed NEC Type CMR
Constructed in accordance with UL Standard 13 &444
Complies with UL 1666 Vertical shaft ( Riser) Flame Test
Temperature Range: -20° C to 75° C dry locations

Applications: Indoor (non–conduit per NEC) for:
Intercom Systems
Security Systems
Sound and Audio
Background Music
Stepper Motor Extension Cable

Color Code: Conductors: 1. Black, 2. Red, 3. White, 4. Green Jacket: Gray