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Steel Dual V-Wheel, 5mm Bore

This is a steel V wheel with dual angular contact bearings

Steel Dual V-Wheel, 5mm Bore
Price Part Number Type Bore Material
$11.99 V-Wheel 5mm Carbon Steel

Product Details

This is a dual, angular contact bearing, V-wheel. The angular contact gives this wheel a much higher loading capability in all orientations of well over 100 lbs per wheel. The unique feature of this wheel over standard steel V-bearings is that this has a 5mm bore. This means it can be used with MakerSlide eccentric spacers and 5mm mounting hardware.

Note: This wheel has a different diameter than the delrin V-wheels and will not work with standard carriages. The center to center dimension between wheels for MakerSlide should be 61.5mm. It can also wear MakerSlide over time, because it is much harder than aluminum.

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