Spindle Speed Controller

Control the speed of your DC spindle

Spindle Speed Controller
Price Part Number Description Output
$35.00 DC Spindle Speed Controller 300W Max

Product Details

This speed controller is specifically designed for use with our Quiet Cut, DC spindles. It will not work with the AC powered routers or rotary tools. The speed can be controlled with a potentiometer or an external PWM source such as Mach3. We recommend 48VDC input for best performance with our Quiet Cut DC spindles.

These come with potentiometer on an approximately 1ft (300mm) cable with a knob.

See this blog post explaining how to use it with a gShield and grbl.

Note: This speed controller will only work with our 300W spindles. We are testing controllers for the higher power spindles, but don’t have a firm date yet for when they will be available.

Files & Attachments

Data sheet for spindle speed controller

Spindle Speed Controller.pdf