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Spindle Carriage

A strong carriage for DC spindles (works with X-Carve and Shapeoko 2)

Spindle Carriage
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Product Details

This is a one piece extruded aluminum spindle carriage. It is designed for any 52mm diameter spindle. This is compatible with X-Carve and Shapeoko 2. The finish is bead blasted and black anodized aluminum. It does not come with hardware.

If you’re mounting this on an X-Carve, the standard hardware would be:

4x .375" aluminum spacers: (one bag of 25312-15)
4x Dual Bearing V-Wheel kit (4x 25203-01)
4x M5 x 35mm Button Head Cap Screw (1x bag 25286-06)
2x M5 x 10mm Button Head Cap Screw (1x bag 25286-01)
2x Nylon insert Lock nut (1x bag 30265-01)
2x M5 Eccentric nut (2x 30158-01)

This part is open source and the files can be found here.

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