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Solid Carbide Upcut 3 Flute Spiral Bits

Ideal for carving plastics

Solid Carbide Upcut 3 Flute Spiral Bits
Price Part Number Cutting Diameter Shank Diameter Type Flutes
$10.99 1/8 in 1/8 in Upcut 3

Product Details

This 3 Flute bit is great for applications with high feedrate or slow spindle speed.

Slow feedrates or high speed spindles will cause excess heating in bits with high flute counts. Excess heating can cause chips to weld to the bit when cutting plastics and metals, premature tool wear, and poor cut quality.

Technical Data

Cutting Length

0.3 in

Overall Length

1.57 in

Best for cutting

Corian, plastic, linoleum


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