Soft Gel Magnet

Behaves like a normal magnet but is flexible and soft

Soft Gel Magnet
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$9.99 One small, disc-shaped, soft and flexible magnet that is 1 in in diameter and 1/4 in thick.

Product Details

This unique magnet is soft and squeezable to the touch. In every other way it is like a normal magnet; it has a north and south pole, opposite poles attract, like poles repel, and it is attracted to standard magnets.

Currently, these magnets are only available in a small round form and there are no specific markets where this technology is used. It was invented purely for the challenge of creating a soft, flexible magnet.

This magnet is created by mixing hard ferrite particles (iron) with a polyethylene gel. During the curing process, it is magnetized using a large magnetic coil. The ferrite particles align themselves with the north and south poles.

The hardness and strength of the magnet can be customized and injection molding is possible; however, the manufacturer currently only provides it in the form of round discs.

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Can it be colored?

Only black is available because it includes ferrite.

How durable are they under heat, solvents, or water--and under other conditions?

Temperature range is between 50 to 80 ÂșC. Water is fine, but the product is susceptible to some solvents.