Shape Retaining Plastic Sheet

Retains shape when bent in one direction and cracks when bent in the other.

Shape Retaining Plastic Sheet
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Price Part Number Dimensions Thickness
$14.32 210 mm × 297 mm 0.4 mm
$14.32 210 mm × 297 mm 0.6 mm
$14.32 210 mm × 297mm 0.8 mm
$14.32 210mm × 297 mm 1.0 mm

Product Details

This is a sheet of plastic that holds its position when bent and does not bounce back. It feels as if you are bending a piece of metal instead of a piece of plastic. Watch this video that demonstrates the properties.

The plastic is 100% polyethylene; there are no additives or metal wires inside. Its malleability results solely from the way the plastic is manufactured.

This plastic is useful when you need shape retention in your product and you cannot use metal. Compared to metal, there are fewer worries about safety and allergies, it is lighter weight, it is not conductive, and it is not detectable by X-rays.
This plastic is manufactured by first extruding and then stretching it. The stretching orients all of the molecules along the same axis. Originally, the intention of this process was to add strength to polyethylene. The stretching does indeed add strength and the shape retention was an unintended side-effect.

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