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Red HDPE Sheet

Millable high-density polyethylene sheet with a textured surface

Red HDPE Sheet
Price Part Number Thickness Dimensions
$13.99 1/2 in 12 in × 12 in

Product Details

This King CuttingColors® HDPE sheet has a textured, matte finish and solid surface to provide a stable and sanitary work area. Bacteria, odors and cleaning fluids wash completely off. The material won’t dull knives. It is produced with FDA-approved materials and and is tested and certified by the NSF. The bright color is great for making a fun cutting board with both function and style.

Try combining this colored sheet with our Bamboo Plywood to make an interesting inlay for your cutting board.

Technical Data

Cut tolerance

+/- 1/8"



Surface Finish



Single color

Files & Attachments


Colored HDPE MSDS.pdf

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