Quiet Cut Spindle

Add a strong and very quiet spindle to your CNC router

Quiet Cut Spindle
Price Part Number Power Voltage
$84.95 300W 48VDC

Product Details

These are great spindles for CNC routers like the Shapeoko. The spindles are very quiet and smooth-running. The spindles have an ER11 collet that firmly grips the bits and have very low run-out. It is a standard collet that can be used with multiple bit sizes. It comes with a collet for 1/8" diameter bits. We sell additional sizes here.

Note: The collet is tightened using standard 13mm and 17mm wrenches. These do not come with this item. We do sell a low cost set here.

You will need a 48V DC power supply to run these spindles.

Note: The spindle has a current spike at turn on that can cause some power supplies to go into current protection mode. Using the speed controller helps prevent this. Using the AC connection to switch on the motor often causes the current protection issue. The problem can be reset by removing power from the power supply for about 10 seconds.

Instructions for use with Shapeoko
DC Spindle Overview
Wiring with relay and gShield
Mounting options

Note: This spindle is not compatible with Carvey®. If you need a replacement spindle for your Carvey®, please contact our support team for help.

Technical Data


3000RPM – 12000RPM



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Test Sheet

Quiet Cut Spindle Test Sheet.pdf