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Purple Edge Colored Acrylic Sheet

Colored edges glow without a light source

Purple Edge Colored Acrylic Sheet
Price Part Number Dimensions Thickness
$14.49 8 in × 12 in 1/8 in
$42.99 12 in × 24 in 1/8 in

Product Details

These acrylic sheets have a striking edge that appears to be glowing, while the surface of the sheet is only slightly tinted. If you’re cutting the sheet down, the glow works best if you cut it with a saw or mill it. Laser cutting polishes the edges and may diminish or eliminate the glow from the edges.

Please note that due to the manufacturing process, these sheets may not be the same thickness throughout. Please see the thickness tolerance below.

Technical Data




Edge colored



Surface Finish



1/8 in

Thickness Tolerance

± .05 in

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