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Precision Board Plus

High density urethane foam that is ideal for milling

Precision Board Plus
  • Precision Board Plus
  • Precision Board Plus
  • Precision Board Plus
  • Precision Board Plus
  • Precision Board Plus
Price Part Number Description Size
$143.66 Precision Board Plus (density - 48 lbs/ft³) 12 in × 12 in × 2 in
$108.40 Primer - FSC-88 WB 1 gallon

Product Details

Precision Board Plus High Density Urethane (also known as tooling board, a competitor to RenShape or Ren board) is a closed cell rigid urethane foam board that can withstand up to 200º F continuous exposure. It can be cut or bonded into a variety of shapes for final machining or shaping. Higher machine feed rates are easily achieved compared to wood, epoxy and alloy substrates. The material mills beautifully and is safe to laser cut/laser engrave. It has a density of 48 lbs per cubic foot. Buy everything you need to glue the material, repair nicks or holes, and prime for your final finish.

The sheets have a cut tolerance of +/- 1/8", and the surface and edges may have a stamp, writing or scuffs that can be sanded off, as seen in the 2nd photo. The board will either be tan or light purple in color; this variation is standard as the material is meant to be painted or finished.

This foam is used for sign making, prototype machining, thermoforming, prepreg composite layup tooling, vacuum form tooling, tool proofing, pattern making, master model making and soft tooling.


  • Less Dust- more chips for a cleaner, better working environment
  • Environmentally friendly
  • Does not out-gas and will not affect prepreg cure
  • Closed Cell Structure- won’t absorb anything
  • Easily cut or machined with standard cutting tools

Precision Board Plus High Density Urethane is made with certified Green, eco-friendly urethane components. It is the only board on the market with a certified Carbon Balance of 3 to 1 and Rapidly Renewable Resource Content of 23.9%. PBHT High Density Urethane is totally inert and contains no VOC’s, no carcinogens and is non-toxic.

PB Bond-240 HDU Adhesive is an amber colored, one part, urethane adhesive that works well for indoor or outdoor applications. It cures from a liquid to a solid state with a slight amount of moisture. Use it to join Precision Board Plus High Density Urethane sheets with butt bonds to make them longer or wider, and for laminating sheets together to make them thicker. The consistency of PB Bond-240 HDU Adhesive is similar to honey, making it easy to apply directly from the container. No mixing is required. Cure time is 4 hours before moving, full strength in 12 hours.

FSC-360 WB is a water based crack filling and repair material specifically formulated for use on Precision Board Plus High Density Urethane (HDU). It also works well on wood, metal, and adheres to most plastics. FSC-360 WB Filler dries quickly and sands easily. Use FSC-360 WB Filler for repairing scrapes, holes, or any type of damage. FSC-360 WB Filler works well in conjunction with FSC-88 WB Primer and Filler. Complete all repairs with FSC-360 WB Filler prior to final primer/putty application. For complete surface filling, use FSC-88 WB primer/filler.

FSC-88 WB is a sprayable, brushable, rollable water based primer and filler that is used to fill and smooth Precision Board Plus HDU prior to finishing with paints and coatings. Use FSC-88 WB when a smooth surface is desired, or as a primer to ensure paint adhesion. It dries rapidly and sands easily. FSC-88 WB also works well on wood, concrete, and metal. Prior to using FSC-88 WB HDU Primer, use FSC-360 WB HDU Crack & Repair Putty to fill cuts, dings or any other damage.

Technical Data


48 lbs/cubic foot (0.77g/cm^3)

Compressive Strength

3,020 PSI

Tensile Strength

1,920 PSI

Shear Strength

2,130 PSI

Dimensional Stability

1.2% max

Water Absorption

0.01% by vol. after 96 hrs

Closed Cell Content


Cut Tolerance

+/- 1/8 in

Files & Attachments


Precision Board Plus Datasheet Updated - Density 48.pdf