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Pre-Assembly T-Slot Nuts

Inserts into an aluminum extrusion. Provides mounting point to attach components.

Pre-Assembly T-Slot Nuts
  • Pre-Assembly T-Slot Nuts
  • Pre-Assembly T-Slot Nuts
Price Part Number Quantity Thread Size
$5.00 10 M3 (3mm) × 0.5 (non X-Carve)
$5.00 10 M5 (5mm) × 0.8

Product Details

Pre-assembly insertion nuts are used to fasten objects to standard 5 series aluminum extrusions (including makerslide). These nuts are used in conjunction with a fastener such as a socket head cap screw and a flat washer. Simply insert the nut into the extrusion prior to assembly.

Made from Low Carbon Steel with a Trivalent Chromate surface finish.

These are also commonly referred to as T-Nuts and Extrusion Nuts.

Technical Data

Insertion Type





Insertion Nut

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