Powerless Illuminating Tubing

Illuminates without electricity

Powerless Illuminating Tubing
  • Powerless Illuminating Tubing
  • Powerless Illuminating Tubing
  • Powerless Illuminating Tubing
  • Powerless Illuminating Tubing
  • Powerless Illuminating Tubing
  • Powerless Illuminating Tubing
  • Powerless Illuminating Tubing
Price Part Number Color Dimensions Form Thickness
$30.00 Spring Green 25 ft Tubing 3/16 in
$30.00 Lime 25 ft Tubing 3/16 in
$30.00 Mango 25 ft Tubing 3/16 in

Product Details

The lighting pictured in the photo does not use any electricity; it is a glow-in-the-dark material that has been extruded into solid tubing in different diameters. This brings a new set of robust, shock-resistant alternatives to powered electroluminescence. Perfect for Halloween!

The product is a flexible material that can be attached to any substrate. It has the advantage of being UV-resistant, and it can easily be cut to different lengths (requiring no sealing). Only five to 30 minutes exposure to bright light or sunshine makes the tubing glow warmly for eight or more hours. The brightest illumination is seen in the first 3-4 hours and then it slowly diminishes until it naturally recharges with exposure to light. The material is endlessly rechargeable. Glow output depends on diameter. Larger sizes offer the most visible glow and are suggested for outdoor usage. Small sizes are recommended for applications such as apparel and gear. Depending on the final application, the composition of the plastic tubing varies. The glow-in-the-dark material itself is proprietary.

Powerless Illuminating Tubing has been used in a variety of decorative, architectural, theatrical, sporting, pet, and apparel applications. For example, it can be used along pathways to make nighttime walks safer without using power. The material has also been used to add decorative, functional accents to surfboards and wetsuits — when surfers go into a tube, the Powerless Illuminating Tubing glows to show their position.

Please note that the Mango Tango is light orange in daylight and a brighter yellow/orange in the dark.

Technical Data

Outer Sleeve Material

Optically clear PVC

Inner Material

Vulcanized Polymer solid core with inorganic pigments

Tensile Strength

PSI 1900 as tested for 3/16" size. Tensile strength is greater for larger diameters

Temperature Performance

-30 to 150 degress F

Laundering Instructions

Machine washable and dryer tolerant per appliance manufacturer’s instructions

Indoor/Outdoor Performance

Weather and UV resistant, anti-microbial

Cut to length process

Cuts easily with standard cutting instruments such as scissors or bladed instruments


Oral Acute toxicity from CPTC Labs determined the material to be fully non-toxic

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Are there any applications where this product is not a good fit?

The product does not perform well in applications where there is other ambient light. For example if the product is in close proximity to a street light, strong moon light, or other ambient lights will cause the product not to perform.

To what substrates can it be adhered to, and with what methods?

Powerless Illuminating Tubing is attachable to any substrate.

How do you seal the ends? Do the ends need to be sealed?

The ends do not require sealing; they are cut to length.