Power Supply Interface PCB

Simplifies connecting to and controlling a DC power supply

Power Supply Interface PCB
  • Power Supply Interface PCB
  • Power Supply Interface PCB
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$20.00 Power supply interface PCB

Product Details

This kit is designed to simplify your wiring and add digital control to your DC power supply. It mounts directly to the power supply terminals and adds a convenient AC socket and power switch. We also sell a protective end cap for the board that is made to work with our X-Carve power supply.

The output terminal block has two sets of DC terminals. One set is always powered on when the switch is on. The other set turns on via a digital control from a microprocessor. It uses a high current MOSFET to do this so you can have a simple on/off or use a high speed PWM signal to create a variable output. This has been successfully tested with unmodified grbl and tinyG to add speed control to a DC spindle. The MOSFET has a protection diode so it can drive inductive loads like relays and DC motors. It works with both 110VAC and 220VAC power.

Caution This should only be used by people with experience using high voltage AC. Live voltage is exposed on the PCB. The end user is responsible for safely enclosing the finished assembly. It also does not fit all power supplies. Check your power supply to see if the terminal orientation is right.

Open Source Documentation All of the documentation including Gerber Files is in the GrabCAD project.

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