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Plywood Table 01 by Ben Uyeda

Build your own plywood table with designs from Ben Uyeda

Plywood Table 01 by Ben Uyeda
  • Plywood Table 01 by Ben Uyeda
Price Part Number Description
$5.00 Digital design file

Product Details

Ben Uyeda of HomeMade Modern is designing a series of tables that can be made from 3/4" plywood. This is the first table in that series.

For instructions check out the YouTube video

Note that the easel file does not include dimensions for a table top so that it can be custom fit to your situation. Our recommended range is 24×60 up to 28×64 in.

Technical Data


Easel Design File

Illustrator Vector Files

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What material will I need to use?

The plans are designed with 3/4 in plywood with the parts arranged on a 24 × 35 in sheet.

What CNC can I use?

The plans are designed to fit a 1000 × 1000 mm X-Carve as well as X-Carve Pro, but any machine will work. Depending on the work area you might need to re-arrange the parts inside of Easel.

Will I need to edit the files?

If your machine has a large enough work area the only change you’ll need to make is to the material thickness since not all plywood is exactly 0.75 in.