Panel Connector

Creates panel mount connections

Panel Connector
  • Panel Connector
  • Panel Connector
  • Panel Connector
Price Part Number Pins Diameter
$6.49 2 16mm
$6.49 $3.89 3 16mm
$6.99 $4.19 5 16mm
$7.49 6 16mm
$7.99 $4.79 8 16mm

Product Details

These connectors are really useful for creating electronics enclosures: check out this one and this one for inspiration.

You’ll need to cut a 16mm hole in a panel and mount one side of the connector through that hole. Then the other side of the connector can be connected and disconnected with ease. Panel-mounted connectors make electronics enclosures very neat and professional looking.

Careful about the contact temperature, at the rated load they should not exceed 50 degrees above ambient temperature.

You get both halves of the connector. The panel mount side is the male/pin side and the cable end side is the female/socket side. Both sides use solder connections, so a crimper is not required.

The 2, 3 & 4 pin versions will fit 16ga or smaller wires.
The 5 ,6 & 8 pin versions with fit 20ga or smaller wires.

Technical Data



Ambient temperature

-50 ~ +70 degree

Relative humidity

Up to 98% at +40 degree

Atmospheric pressure

Up to 4,4 kpa


Vibration frequency 10 ~ 100Hz, acceleration 100m/s2


Frequency of 60 to 80 beats / min, acceleration of 250m/s2


Acceleration 250m/s2

Rated voltage

2 core /3 core/ 4 core- 400V, 5 pin /6 pin /7 pin /8pin- 250V

Rated current (per pin)


Contact resistance

(each contact pair)Less than 0.005 ?